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Looking Back: Men’s Gathering 2023

Wondering how you can stop the white noise of this world? Do you feel like you are wallowing in the muck with those who have no hope?  Tired of being a pawn in a world run by the devil? The Mad Christian himself, Rev. Jonathan Fisk, teaches us the importance of praying the Psalms, the very prayers of Jesus Christ.  Learn why the Proverbs are a philosophy on which to build our lives and what we can do to Stop the White Noise in our daily lives. Your every-day-thinking will be challenged. Leave with your head lifted up, all the more, as we see the day approaching.

Visit sonsofsolomon.net for the prayer habitus introduced in session one and download the Proverb 1:1-7 Hebrew Study for use with session two.

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Main Speaker

Rev. Fisk is the husband of Meredith Fisk, the father of 5 children, and currently serves as the Senior Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Rockford, IL. He is the author of multiple best-sellers in Lutheran Christianity. Rev. Fisk is a highly dynamic, internationally recognized teacher, equipped to engage you on a variety of highly relevant spiritual topics. His weekly podcast with last years presenter Dr. Adam Koontz can be found at abriefhistoryofpower.com. Rev Fisk has also founded hebroncollegium.com, a gap year Bible school for men and sonsofsolomon.net, an ecumenical prayer habitus. Watch the Fisk’s family weekly show Stop the White Noise on Youtube by subscribing to RevFiskJ.


  • Building a Home with Historic Barns and Cabins (Old Man Bailey)
  • Portable Sawmill
  • Gun Safety in the Home (Luke Otte)
  • BBQ and Smoking Meats (Josh Reisenbichler)
  • Brews and Ques with LCEF (TJ Mattick)
  • How to Lead your Family to Defend the Unborn (Old Man Bailey)
  • Through Blurred Vision (Kurt Pangborn)
  • The Dying Gift of Hospitality (Old Man Bailey)

In 2023, we gathered 130 men from 10 states representing 65 congregations. Many thanks to all the men who gathered and contributed to making this year’s gathering such an enjoyable and edifying experience. We look forward to seeing you next year!


If you’re interested in gathering with us in the future, please send us your info and we’ll be in touch when we have further info regarding the Men’s Gathering.